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requiring data security and accurate speaker labeling

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Simple and Fair Pricing

Manage your costs effectively by paying solely for the duration the model is utilized.

  • Free trial


    Pay only for inference on AWS instances. Utilizing the model on our recommended instances reduces software and infrastructure costs to less than $0.7 per record hour.
  • Exclusive


    For corporations that utilize speech-to-text services on an enterprise level. Benefit from volume discounts, priority support, and advanced team management capabilities.

Data Security

 Be sure that only you have access to your data 


Accurate speaker detection and labeling

  • Exmple conv

    Speaker diarization simplifies complex audio by assigning each speaker their distinct segment in a transcript. Our brain-inspired solution automatically and accurately detects and labels any number of speakers in a conversation.

    The average duration of incorrectly labeled phrases is 0.65 sec. With a confusion error rate (CER) of 2.2% for 6+ speakers, it outperforms popular market solutions for real-life audio with overlapping conversations. 

  • Research

    At KanjuTech, we specialize in developing cutting-edge AI models based on brain-inspired principles. 

    We're working on Spiking Neural Networks and their diverse applications, backed by a decade of R&D. With support from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology and NVIDIA, we're at the forefront of innovation in the AI space. 

    You can find more about our research here.

How It Works

You can access KanjuTech Transcription on AWS Marketplace as a SageMaker ML model. AWS SageMaker revolutionizes your machine learning workflows. It is fully managed service takes care of everything, from infrastructure to scaling, liberating your team from operational complexities. Moreover it allows secure and low latency integration with your existing backend stack. Experience seamless scalability, effortless deployment of our speech-to-text cutting-edge model!

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    Visit the AWS Marketplace and subscribe to the KanjuTech Transcription and Diarization model. Note the unique identifier or product code provided upon subscription.

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    Access the SageMaker console and create a new model, selecting the subscribed model from the AWS Marketplace. Input necessary details like model name, IAM role, and instance type, and use the Marketplace identifier during the setup.  

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    Integrate and use!

    Generate a SageMaker endpoint by associating it with the previously created model. Utilize the provided endpoint to seamlessly integrate the KanjuTech model into your applications or services.

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Example usecases

Explore the capabilities of KanjuTech Transcription.
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    Subtitle Your Videos Automatically

    Our product produces text with marked speakers and corresponding lines, perfect for automatic subtitle creation.
    Speech-to-text transcription significantly benefits subtitle creation in professional translation by improving efficiency, accuracy, multilingual support, cost-effectiveness, workflow integration, productivity, accessibility compliance, and customization options. Integrating these technologies into the translation process can enhance the overall quality and speed of subtitle localization.

    Integrate KanjuTech Transcription into your translation platform and improve user experience and efficiency!

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    Improve Your Customer Service

    KanjuTech Transcription is valuable for call centers and client support, ensuring clear and accurate communication. 

    Incorporating speech-to-text transcription into your customer service strategy streamlines communication and enhances overall efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. It's a valuable tool for maintaining high-quality interactions and ensuring your customer support remains responsive, accessible, and customer-centric.

    Integrate KanjuTech Transcription into your call center platform and improve user experience and efficiency!

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    Streamline Your Meetings

    Elevate the effectiveness of your business meetings with KanjuTech Transcription. Our solution seamlessly incorporates speech-to-text transcription, unlocking operational efficiency, fostering enhanced collaboration, and cultivating a more inclusive and engaging communication environment. 

    Experience the convenience of time-saving as our transcriptions eliminate the need for a constant online presence. Boost working efficiency with easily searchable archives containing actionable items, ensuring your team stays organized and focused on driving impactful outcomes. 

    Welcome to a new era of streamlined and productive business interactions with KanjuTech Transcription.

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